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Dark Knight / Blade Knight / Blade Master
Dark Knight / Blade Knight / Blade Master

Ők Mu földjének harcosai. Erejük (strength) fejlesztésével és új készségek (skills) tanulásával Ők védelmezik Mu polgárait.

Lvl Point Power Agility Physical Strength Energy Leader Point
5 28 20 25 26 25
Life Mana Level Life Level Mana Point Life Point mana
90 40 2 0.5 3 1.5

Defensive Skill: A special skill that makes that reduces damage by 50%. Useful at the time of being besieged by many monsters.   View  
Hacking: The Hacking skill - dashing into combat with huge jumping power - can be attempter at distances greater than other skills. Can cause damage twice as high as general damages. Mana consumption is quite high.   View  
Cyclone Cutting: A virtue of the Double Blade and Thunder Sword. The sword is flung left and right at great centrifugal force - cutting monsters in two.   View  
Stabbing: Using Legend of Sword, Gradious or katache, a fast stabbing offense can be unleashed on your enemy.   View  
Uppercut: A repeated attack on an enemy from the bottom up with a blade.   View  
Cutting: The use of both blades, Great Sword or Crystal Sword, to cut at an enemy.   View  
Twisting Slash: This ability allows you to throw your weapon 360 degrees around ht player hitting all monsters within range.   View  
Death Stab: Knights use this stabbing ability with added strength from the elements to deliver a strong decisive blow to all enemies.   View  
Greater Fortitude: When a knight uses his energy, he can muster his inner strength to raise his vitality giving him the strength to battle tougher foes.   View  
Hell Blast: Knights take their weapon in hand and strike it to the ground delivering a massive blow affecting all neighboring enemies.   View  

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